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About Copeland Technology Solutions

Group Shot

Since 1979, Copeland Technology Solutions has been an important information technology resource for many small- to mid-sized companies in the Buffalo/Niagara region and across the nation.

Our roles in information technology differ for each customer, depending on their specific needs.  Some companies are just looking for trained and certified experts to help them through problems with their desktop PCs or corporate networks.

Others need a full-service information technology company to analyze their business needs, develop a customized business system, and be able to support additional enhancements as their business evolves. Somewhere in the middle are the customers who currently have their business systems and processes in place, but are looking to make some enhancements or extend the systems' capabilities by integrating a third-party product or integrating their systems with the Internet.

Regardless of your needs, Copeland Technology Solutions has the business expertise backed by experienced professionals to assist you with whatever your information technology needs may be. We provide a single point-of-contact and enjoy a personal level of interaction with all our customers.

Please let us know how we can help you!

Award Winning Ethics

Copeland Technology Solutions has been nominated three times for the Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Award (BNBEA), which is a recognition program for companies with a strong, demonstrated commitment to ethics.  We received the Crystal Award in 2011 for the "small business" category (under 50 employees).

We want to thank everyone who understands and appreciates the need for strong ethical foundations in business, and why ethics is so important in all of our business cultures.

BNBEA Crystal Award

Meet the Staff!

We strive to maintain a friendly, personal relationship with all our customers.  We took the time to write up short bios on ourselves so you can put a face to a name, learn about our professional experience and specialties, and perhaps find a common interest or hobby that we enjoy in our free time.  We look forward to making a connection!

Andy Jeffery Jon Kounovsky Ron McKeown Tom Copeland
Eric Posa Kevin Hinkle Sue Schmitt Tom Idziak
Gary Rzeszutek Matt Vail Tim Belczak Trish Copeland