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We don’t pretend to know the answer before we know the problem. Understanding your business technology needs is the first step to developing a solution for your company.

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Increase Market Share with Managed IT Services

► Improve business processes by leveraging technology to outperform the competition

► Focus on revenue generating tasks while Copeland manages your IT infrastructure

► Implementation of portals, apps and other systems to connect business data to your employees and customers

Managed IT Services Used To Earn More Business and Increase Market Share

Schedule Account Reviews and Consultation

Our team will meet with your leadership to determine how technology plays a role in your operation, and discover opportunities for growth.

Software and Hardware Audits

We ensure all hardware and software are running on supported and adequate platforms.

CyberSecurity Vulnerability Scanning

We identify vulnerabilities in your system and keep your team alert of any weaknesses.

Mobile and Web Application Development and Integration

Based on the consultation, we will define which applications will enhance your business before developing and integrating them into your systems.

Automated System Monitoring and Patch Management

Copeland monitors and manages your systems to ensure uptime and efficiency.

Safetec of America is a company that works with Copeland Technology Solutions

“Safetec of America has grown and evolved for nearly 2 decades with the services and support of Copeland Technology Solutions. This company has played a fundamental role in making sure that our IT infrastructure is up-to-date with current technology, and that our systems are secure and compliant with our industry regulations.”

Leverage Technology and Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs with Managed Services

► Reduce costs by enhancing business continuity

► Ensure maximum uptime of applications and reduce costly outages

► Outdated technologies become more expensive than systems that are updated and maintained

Managed IT Services Used to Reduce Operation and Opportunity Costs

System Monitoring

We take a proactive view of systems in order to address failing hardware or other issues before they affect your bottom line.

Device Software/Hardware Audits

We ensure all hardware and software are running on supported and adequate platforms.

Schedule Account Reviews

Frequent account reviews enable our team to meet your most pressing system needs.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

We keep your valuable digital assets backed up and secure, and develop & execute plans to get you back up-and-running in the case of a disaster.

Patch management and Updated Antivirus

In addition to monitoring, we test and manage the required system patches, and keep your antivirus software updated.

United Precious Metal Refining uses Managed Services

“In my experience working with Copeland over the past 10 years, I have found their products to be highly customizable, flexible, and intuitive.”

Mitigate Risk and Ensure Compliance

mitigate risks with managed services

► Protect your critical digital assets from cyberthreats

► Document management solutions for remaining compliant by utilizing audit trails, lifecycle policies and workflow solutions

► Ensure your business can remain operational with business continuity solutions

► Insight into all hardware and software under your business umbrella

Managed Services Used to Mitigate Risk and Ensure Compliance

Remote Monitoring and Management

Real-time remote monitoring and management of your critical systems enables our team to tackle risks before they become problems.

Patch Management and Updated Antivirus

We test your system and simulate risks to ensure that vulnerabilities are patched and antivirus software is updated.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

3-2-1 backup plans and recovery services reduce the risk of catastrophic data loss and impact of outages.

Vulnerability Scanning

Our processes and tactics spot weaknesses in your system before someone else does.

Implementation of Document Management Solutions

Ensure compliance by implementing best practice document management solutions.

Microsoft Advanced Protection Solutions

Mobile Device Management and Office 365 Technologies.

PS Business Parks testimony for managed services

“Their dedication and professionalism is apparent in the way they do business and it shows in their responsiveness and the quality of service they provide.”

Improve Product Quality with Copeland

product quality with managed services

► Use data to make informed decisions: implementation of metrics displays to show KPI’s in open spaces

► Proper tools for communication and connectivity help your business reduce wasted time with miscommunication and lapses in information

► Backup and Disaster Recovery strategies ensure production equipment is running at full capacity without interruption

► Mobile and Web application implementation to connect office staff with personnel in the field

Managed Services Used to Improve Product Quality

Dashboard Implementation

Implementation of dashboards that display KPIs across production floor and office puts valuable insight in front of the people who manage the day-to-day functions of your products and services.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Keep your system maintained and managed so your customers get the best out of your products and services.

Patch Management and Updated Antivirus

A secure system is a better system, and your customers agree.

Mobile and Web Application Development and Integration

Empower your team with the applications they need to better serve your customers.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Keep the data about your most important products, services, and people protected and recoverable in case of a data disaster.

Improve Cycle Time with a Managed Services Provider

managed services for business integration

► Integrating business applications improves analytics and helps you assess and report more quickly

► Proper tools for communication and connectivity help your business reduce wasted time with miscommunication and lapses in information

► Implement and update applications and technology to get orders processed quicker, invoices sent quicker, and improve the overall flow of your operations

► Document management and workflow solutions help move documents electronically and quickly and provide notifications of delays

Managed Services Used to Improve Cycle Time

Scheduled Account Reviews

We learn from your team about your business needs and educate you on best practices and systems that help cut time.

Web and Mobile Application Development

Connecting software application data to get the right information to the right people speeds up processes and reduces communication lapses.

Implementation of Document Management Solutions

Improve digital information sharing and shorten document cycle times with structured workflows.

Implementation of Mobile Device Management, Cloud Technologies, and Secure Communication Standards

Ensure remote sites and users can access data quickly and securely so you communicate safely and effectively without wasting time.

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