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Copeland Mobile Connect

If you are looking for Copeland Mobile Connect, you can find out more about it here or download it now from iTunes or Google Play.

Mobile App Development for iOS and Android

Mobile apps are in high demand and we've been busy developing both public apps as well as private apps for our customers' internal use.

MY Rehab Connection

See screenshots in Google Play or iTunes Preview.

The app is driven by a portal we developed for clinicians to manage patients and tailor exercise programs complete with photos and videos.  Clinics may upload their own photos and videos in addition to the hundreds already developed and available with any subscription.

For screenshots of the app and portal, visit

The Help/Tutorials page includes instructions and screenshots for all functions within the portal.

United Precious Metal Refining, Inc.

See screenshots in Google Play or iTunes Preview.

You may want to consider a company-based app for your business. As you contemplate this, really think about who will be using this app and what they may expect in a mobile solution. Phone apps need to provide real value to be effective. While you want to promote your business through the application, the app cannot simply be a "digital advertisement," which would not come over in a positive light to your customers and prospects.

Once your ideas start flowing on what your app may include, we can help you size up the project and work with you on presentation ideas. Your app's content, whether static or dynamic (database driven), can be rolled into a business-focused app and made available in both the iOS and Android marketplaces.

If you would like to know more about mobile app possibilities for your business, please call Tim Belczak at (716) 692-7773 x308 or send him an email.