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Network & Computer Services

Copeland Technology Solutions specializes in desktop, server and Internet connectivity. We support the hardware and software needed to allow you to efficiently and effectively communicate with your customers and employees. Implementing Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs) allows your business to keep pace with swiftly evolving business requirements. Support from a company certified as a Microsoft Network Specialist with 35 years of networking experience makes a difference. Please contact us to see how our experienced team can help you!

Network Monitoring

Network MonitoringCopeland now has the ability to monitor and collect information about your equipment's performance using our Network Monitoring Service.  This tool watches your PCs, servers and routers.  It collects historical performance data and recognizes if a potential problem is occurring.  Our team is alerted and depending on the severity, a service ticket may be automatically created in our system.

Businesses can utilize this service in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Watching servers and server programs (email, websites, databases) to ensure they are up and running.
  2. Identifying any potential problems with a hard drive before a PC or server goes down to insure maximum uptime.
  3. Running reports to see who the heavier users are to ensure they have the right hardware for their job responsibilities.

Our Partners and Providers

Microsoft Partner Dell Partner Direct HP Invent Value Added Reseller Online Backup
Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller Silver Partner Postini Reseller Voltage Security Encrypted Email Constant Contact
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Common Network Services

Copeland Technology Solutions is your full-service networking partner, offering support for many hardware and software environments as well as cabling and wireless connectivity for your data and voice requirements. Some common services/technologies include: