Is your classic Antivirus Software Protection enough for today’s threats?

Endpoint Detection and Response is a next-generation tool similar to Antivirus (AVP) but uses AI features to detect threats on your system and recover from them. This software may also include a Security Operations Center or “SOC” that provides guidance on the remediation of threats and the scope of any issues.

Your standard AVP software works off a pre-defined list of threats that it knows to look out for when scanning your commonly accessed files and folders on your computer.

The drawback of AVP is that it is limited to this pre-defined list and would not be able to respond to new threats normally caught by an EDR. While AVP is better than having no protection, it is limited in what it can catch and how it can respond.

Due to the rise of ransomware and wider range of threats, more companies are switching over to Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions and it is becoming the new standard for Endpoint Protection.

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