Copeland Newsletter: Autumn Edition

Happy fall from the Copeland team! This is the time of year for all things spooky, so we wanted to dedicate this issue to the scariest trend in technology: cyber attacks. Don’t worry, though, we don’t want to scare you…we want you to be prepared and equip you with ways to ward off the ghouls of the internet.

Also in this issue of the Copeland newsletter, we’ll cover team news, updates in technology for the upcoming year, and welcome our newest additions to the Copeland family.

Cybersecurity: Defense Against Those Who Haunt the Web

Cyber-attacks can affect every company – big or small. Having a cybersecurity plan is crucial to your business’s success and protection from breaches, but starting one can seem like a daunting task.

That’s why we created a video with practical tips to help you get started: 

Watch the video >

Dressing Up for More Than Halloween: Email Phishing

Email phishing is still the #1 way that cybercriminals are infiltrating businesses. Here are some common phishing red flags you can share with your coworkers to protect your business from email phishing.

How to Spot a Phishing Email:

???? Poor spelling, grammar, or incorrectly used idioms
???? Generic salutations
???? Undue sense of urgency -or- threats of account closures, removal of
      funds, discontinuation of service, etc.
???? Easy money or a deal that’s too good to be true

???? Requesting charitable donations

Help Us Welcome Our Newest Team Member: Chrissy Bishop

Chrissy is proficient in accounts receivable work, contract verification, and credit and collections for business to business. She enjoys finding new processes to improve accounting practices and safety measures that benefit the company and its customers/vendors.

She is a single mom to two kids, a daughter who is active in soccer and wrestling, and a son who is attending P-Tech to become an electrician (and is active in wrestling also). They have 3 cats that own the household and keep them all in check. Chrissy enjoys finding new places with her family, and they all enjoy helping any family and friends with any work that needs to be done.

Technology Update: Preparing for 2020

Reminder: Windows 7 Will No Longer Be Supported 

If you are still using Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008, make the switch now. As of January 14th, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 will no longer be supported.
2020: The Year of 365 Technologies
2020 will focus on 365 technologies, how they can help business, and how to protect the information in the cloud with backup. This includes chat, mobility, file sharing, and other tools to maximize your company’s performance.

Welcome to the Copeland Technology Solutions Family!

This quarter, we welcomed Structural Dimensions, Inc. and Tundra Transport, LLC to the CTS family. Join us in welcoming them!

Winter is Coming: Preparing for Inclement Weather

Although we are still enjoying the beautiful autumn, we wanted to remind you to set up your inclement weather plan before the colder weather hits. If you allow your employees to work from home during inclement weather, solidify your plan and ensure you have the right IT infrastructure in place now so that you’re prepared this winter. 
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