How Hackers Find Big Corporations (and Small Businesses)

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Business infrastructure continues to change at alarming rates.  While much of the media has reported on the large breaches (Equifax, Target, ECMC, DocuSign), small to medium-sized businesses are at a higher risk.  Typically the smaller sized organization has less protection, looser procedures and are not paying attention to software patching and updates.

How Hackers Find You

An individual sets up a bot (a piece of software set to do a routine of tasks automatically) to look out on the internet for any device it can find with a whole or vulnerability.  They let it run for a few hours, come back and analyze the results.  They don’t care where you are located, your industry or size.  If they can get in, they get in.

Once in, they slowly poke around to see what they have access to on the network.  They try to elevate permissions to allow them to install programs or access data.  A typical hacker is on your network for 6 months before anyone knows.  They will try to encrypt data, open up ports, collect password information or just flat out steal your data.

They can also come in via email attachments or infecting a website.  While antivirus and SPAM protection addresses much of this, the threats are a continuously evolving ahead of these protection technologies.

It is imperative that your management team has a plan to address company policies, IT security, Backup and Disaster Recovery and training for users to better protect against these threats.  We can no longer think of a breach as “if it happens” but “when it happens.”

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