How to leverage Planner and Microsoft Teams for your team project

How can you leverage Planner and Microsoft Teams for your next team project?

Integrating Planner in the Teams application can help you to set expectations for your team and to create a streamlined central location where all documentation, communication and collaboration are all in one spot.

In this example, we have a channel that is just called “team project” which we are currently working on.

At the top of the screen next to “general” you’ll see “posts” which allows you to communicate and ask questions about a specific project.

The benefit of having a central location where you can quickly ask questions is the information is in front of you versus emailing back and forth where emails easily can get lost in the inbox.

Next to “posts” you’ll see “files” where you can keep any ongoing documentation for your project in one location. Your team can easily find what they’re looking for here instead of having to sort through emails.

For “tasks”, you can assign specific instructions for your team where they can review deadlines and what is needed to complete the project.

You can change the view by choosing boards (my personal favorite view), you can view the tasks as a list, chart or schedule.

With today’s hybrid workforce, it can be easy to lose track of the progress of projects. Utilizing Planner in Teams will help set those expectations and ensure your team stays on track when collaborating on projects.


For more videos on how to better use Microsoft Teams, visit our series here.

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