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  1. Backup and Disaster Recovery is not as scary as it used to be.  There are many ways to protect your data and applications that cost as much as a multi-function copier.  If you cannot be down for more than a day or lose up to a day’s worth of data, Backup and DR should be reviewed.
  2. SSD Drives are becoming more and more a standard at the PC level.  For 50.00 dollars more, you can add an SSD Drive which increases performance significantly and extends the life of your PC.
  3. Server disk space is more affordable than ever.  If purchasing a server, ensure you cover your existing needs and add additional resources to handle what may come later.  It is much easier and cheaper to purchase up front then to add resources later.
  4. Email should be migrated to the cloud unless there is a substantial reason to keep in house.  If someone sends a message, it should always get delivered whether your internet in the office is up or down.
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