The True Cost of Outdated Equipment

time is money. outdated equipment is expensive

The technology that runs your business today can also be rather complex.  With these complexities in mind, studies have been done showing a trend that surprises many business people.  Once hardware or software reaches a certain age, it actually doubles the cost of upgrading when the time does come (or is forced).

Dated systems  (usually workstations and servers that are five years old or greater) actually cost more to keep online than a suitable replacement for those same systems.  The reason for this comes back to a few factors, all related to the “support” of a system. Support costs and the time required to bring the dated system back to a better state is expanded for the following reasons:

  • Older systems have older hardware, which also means that the failure rate for this hardware is increased over time. These systems tend to be slower as well causing performance issues.
  • Older systems (hardware or software) are no longer supported.  This means security patches, drivers and bug fixes are no longer released.
  • Software may stop working altogether.  For example, Microsoft stopped supporting Outlook 2007 due to security and one day users that had this program could no longer get their email.
  • We typically see older PCs attached to manufacturing equipment or other equipment.  These are typically not backed up and when these go down, so do your operations

In summary, it is critical that you purchase good quality equipment that can last five years and that you do a 1/5 refresh of all your equipment each year.  It is also critical to ensure all software that your organization requires is supported and has a backup/recovery plan.  Keeping these systems running because they “just work” is no longer cost effective and is putting your business at risk.

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