Copeland’s 40 Year Celebration

Copeland is thankful to celebrate 40 years of business. This summer, we wanted to take a look back at these 40 years. Explore our website iterations through the years and take a peek at our newsletters of yore.

Copeland’s Website Through the Years

You can explore our previous websites here, on the Way Back Machine, a website that archives past versions of a URL. Use the slider at the top to move through the years.

The Throwback Newsletters

Copeland has always been dedicated to keeping its clients up-to-date on all things technology. Take a look at some excerpts from our past newsletters (dating all the way back to 1999!) to see how much technology has changed even in 20 years.

E-Commerce on the Net! (February 1999)

E-Commerce was in its infancy in the late 90s.

Read the full E-Commerce Edition of the Newsletter >

Y2K Compliance (May 1999)

Yes, this was a thing.

Read the full Y2K Compliance Edition of the Newsletter >

Windows 2K or M.E. ? (2000)

This new product line was all the rage at the change of the millennium.

Read the full Millennium Edition of the Newsletter >

It is Here – Windows 8 (2013)

At the time, we had never seen anything like it.

Read the full Windows 8 Edition >

Sayonara, Blackberry (2014)

It was sad to see this revolutionary device put to rest.

Read the full Goodbye Blackberry Edition >

Your Next Cell Phone – A Smartphone (2010)

Here comes the original smartphone for business: the Blackberry.

Read the full Smartphone Edition >

Spotify comes to North America (2011)

And the music world was never the same…

Introducing Google Plus

Google+ was Google’s response to rising social media channels.

Read the full Spotify & Google+ Edition >

The iPhone 5 (2012)

It has always been exciting for the new release of iPhone products.

Read the full iPhone Edition > 

Internet Speeds and Prices (2015)

Businesses started to need better, faster internet around this time.

Read the full Internet Speed and Prices Edition >

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