Copeland eNewsletter: Autumn Edition

As the air gets crisper every day and flu season is on the horizon, we should be conscious of another kind of virus: one for our computers.

In this Fall edition of our Newsletter, we’ll cover a company announcement, some current events in the world of IT support, how to plan for, protect against, and recover from disaster, and much more! Read on!

Copeland Announces Our Core Values

As a company, we are more than just what we do. It is how we do it that sets us apart. We have formally announced our company values and want to spread the word. We are so proud of these values that we boldly display them on our walls for all to see.

A deeper dive into our values:

  • Sincere in our convictions: We are honest in bringing technology to our customer, all to  improve business and life.
  • Accountable in our actions: We do what we said we would do, when we said we would do it
  • Built on moral foundations: We are inspired to serve ethically for the customer’s greater good.

A Warning for Windows 7 Users

Nothing lasts forever! As Windows rolls out new systems, they lessen support to their older ones. There is still a large number of users who have opted to stay with Windows 7. Mainstream support (such as updates and new features) for Windows 7 ended back in 2015, and Windows 7 is currently in “extended support” mode. So take note Windows 7 users:

Windows 7 Extended Support will END on January 14th, 2020

“But that’s over a year away” you may think. Trust us, that year will go by fast, and you don’t want to be caught off guard when support ends. For those companies whose offices are still using PCs with Windows 7, we encourage you to replace those devices or upgrade your software IF your hardware can handle the upgrade. If you’re feeling unsure about things, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to walk you through this.

A Story of Software Woe

~ The following story is based on actual events. Names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved. ~

Cindy is a business owner and a client of ours. Her employees each have their own desktop unit to work from. Cindy heard about this great software to track customer data and had every employee download it to their computer. Then the storm hit, literally. When her building lost power, the new software became corrupted. She called Copeland for help in retrieving the lost data, but Cindy had made an IT faux pas: she didn’t tell us about the new software they all downloaded. Because Copeland wasn’t aware of this installation, we had no idea that it was something which needed to be backed up, and Cindy lost all that data.

We are dedicated to helping our clients in every way that we can, but we need to be kept in the loop about your computers! When you install new software, we want to ensure the following:

  • The software is compatible with your systems
  • The software doesn’t open any security vulnerabilities
  • Add backup/protection to the data in the new software

Are you using 365 Email, One Drive, or SharePoint?

There is a common misconception that Windows backs these up, but unfortunately, once something is deleted, it is unrecoverable after 30 days. Copeland will soon start offering enhanced backup protection for these applications. Keep your eyes on our website as more information becomes available.

Copeland Team Personal Accomplishments

Ron McKeown is now A+ Certified! This certification is earned when the candidate proves competency in professional computer services, and is sponsored by the Computer Technology Industry Association.

Andy Jeffery is now a proud father! Welcome to the world Quin Michael Jeffery.

Impress Your Friends! Gain Intelligence With Our Blog

These last few months, there have been hurricanes, typhoons, and floods across the globe. There seems to be a disaster every time you turn on the news, so we’ve had disaster on the brain. We want our customers to ensure their businesses are prepared for extreme events, whether it’s the weather, a power outage, or computer viruses.

Have a Fantastic Fall!

From your friends at Copeland.

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