Copeland Newsletter: Summer Edition 2019

???? It’s time to party like it’s our birthday ????

This summer, Copeland is celebrating our 40th Anniversary! Join us as we celebrate by looking back on the past 40 years.

Also in this edition: get tips on implementing mobile device best practice this vacation season, brush up on email phishing red flags, meet our newest team member, and discover more resources on small business cybersecurity and password management.

It’s our birthday…and it’s a BIG one!

On our website, we have a fun new page that looks back at our many years serving businesses like yours.

Be on the lookout as we celebrate on our social media channels as well!

Visit the Celebration on our Website >

Here are some newsletter topics from the past 40 years

The Evolution of the Copeland Website (Video)

Watch this video to see our website through the years. The first version of our website dates back to 1997!

Watch Now >

Cybersecurity Doesn’t take a Summer Vacation

Although we love vacation season as much as the next office, we want to remind you to ensure that vacation time doesn’t open your business up to cyber attacks this summer.

With more employees out of the office than usual, stay on top of these two key cybersecurity threats: mobile access to business software and email phishing. This newsletter contains practical tips for implementing mobile device best practices and creating email phishing awareness.

Email Phishing Red Flags

Email phishing is the main source of penetration for cyber criminals – and they don’t take summer vacations. Teach your employees to look out for these red flags in suspicious emails:
????Poor spelling, grammar, or incorrectly used idioms
????Generic salutations
????Undue sense of urgency -or- threats of account closures, removal of funds, discontinuation of service, etc.
????Easy money or a deal that’s too good to be true

????Requesting charitable donations

Cybersecurity: Mobile Device Best Practices

When mobile employees access their work files from their own devices, be sure that you have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy in place. This includes:

  • A unique password to access a BYO device
  • A requirement for the user to notify management upon lost or stolen device
  • Process for remote wiping a device

Our Newest Team Member

Mike Lobocchiaro

Mike is first and foremost a geek who enjoys technology, Star Wars, superheroes, and gaming.
You can also find Mike enjoying his passion for music, headbanging at metal concerts or playing drums and guitar at home.
Once or twice a year you can even catch Mike outside camping or enjoying a day at the beach.

See more of the team!

Recently, our team has been growing. To see our updated team list, please visit our About Us page by following this link:
(Hint: if you hover over our pictures, you’ll see the goofy side of our staff!)

Additional Resources from Copeland and Others

Using a Password Management Tool

We repeatedly stress the importance of strong passwords that are unique to every website and app, but with dozens (or hundreds) of complex passwords, it becomes challenging to remember them. This is where a personal password manager can help. Read the Full Article >

9 Signs Your Small Business is About to be Hacked  – The Hartford

We loved this resource from The Hartford about how to tell if your small business is at risk of a cybersecurity breach. If you need help correcting any of these signs you see in your business, we can help. Read the Article >

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