DON’T IGNORE – If you have Outlook 2007, act now!

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Office 365 ends “exchange” with Outlook 2007

On October 31, 2017 Microsoft Office 365 online will no longer be compatible with Outlook 2007.  If you have Outlook 2007, and you don’t act before October 31, 2017, you will most definitely lose your ability to get and send email(s).  Not only that, your email will no longer be secured by technical updates, which should be the number one reason you want to make sure—you’re moving on from Outlook 2007.


  1. While in Outlook, click on “File” in the menu bar.
  2. Click “Office Account
  3. Click “Help” if you don’t see the “Office Account” option.
  4. You’ll see the product version on the right side of the page.
  5. Just look for the version and build number under the Product Information. In the example below it shows this is Office 365 ProPlus.
  6. Is your version Outlook 2007? If so, read on!


  1. Upgrade your 365 plan to a plan that includes office (Business Premium for example). This would add an additional 4.25/month to your subscription. See here for info –
  2. Purchase a Microsoft Office Upgrade to your 2007 version (2016 is the latest). Pricing varies but is around $200 depending on your version (Home and Business, Professional, etc)

Still need assistance? This is needs to be done. Don’t put it off. We are here to help.

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