How to schedule a meeting in Microsoft Teams

What’s the best way to schedule a meeting in Microsoft Teams?

The short answer – it’s completely up to you and here are a few ways to save time when scheduling a meeting within Teams.

From within any created “Team” or “Channel”, there is a button in the top right corner labeled “Meet”. You can either meet now with your team or schedule a meeting for a later time/ date.

To schedule for a later time/ date – create a title, add the members you want to invite, select the time, date, location and click send.

To verify the invite was sent out, you can go to your calendar and check that it shows the correct date and time.

Similar to Outlook, the “Scheduling Assistant” feature allows you to see if there is a conflict on your team member’s calendar before you send the invite out.

You can also schedule a meeting within Chat by clicking the “Schedule a Meeting” icon.

If you prefer to schedule a Teams meeting within Outlook, just click “New Appointment” and select “Teams Meeting”.


For more videos on how to better use Microsoft Teams, visit our series here.

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