What is vulnerability scanning?

Just because you’re not using an application doesn’t mean it’s not vulnerable.

Vulnerability scanning is a platform that will look for weaknesses on the systems and hardware that live on your network. It identifies software that is out of date, ports that are open on firewalls and other holes that can be exploited by an attacker.

These types of scans are critical to your IT security team’s risk management approach as it is proactively identifying holes in your systems so they can be quickly patched.

It is important to continuously scan for these vulnerabilities as your devices and users are more mobile than ever and are bringing external threats into your network more often.

An example would be system changes made in a hurry to accommodate a major event like COVID or a snowstorm. Security may be loosened temporarily to allow users to work remotely and if the network is not continuously scanned, it may be forgotten to tighten security when the event is over.

Attackers know of these vulnerabilities and if not quickly remediated, it leaves your organization exposed. A good vulnerability scanning solution also allows for deploying patches and updates to quickly reduce the amount of time your systems are exploitable.

If you’re interested in learning how your business can benefit from utilizing a vulnerability scanner, let’s talk.

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